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Summer Time & The COVID-19 Pandemic

It's summer time and a great time to be out enjoying this wonderful hobby of ours. This summer is producing dangerously high temperatures - something we all need to be aware of. Thankfully the BAMS flying field has a beautiful covered pavillion which offers plenty of shade. Unfortunately we are still having to deal with the new varient of Covid 19 (the Delta varriant). Because we are outdoors and most of us have been vaccinated the threat is lessend, but with social distancing, the risks can be reduced even more. All we ask is that everyone be thoughtful of this new threat.

So, if you are thinking about looking into this hobby of building and flying radio controlled airplanes, in spite of the higher than normal temperatures, feel free to come on out. You can talk with members that are there enjoying the day and the field, all from the comfort of the shade of the pavillion. Come out, visit the field that we are so proud of, talk with members that are there, get all of your questions about our hobby answered. Who knows what can come from a single visit to our field.

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Welcome To The BAMS

A Fixed Wing, Radio Controlled
Airplane Flying Club

If you are interested in building or flying fixed wing, radio control (R/C) airplanes or just enjoy great company, then you have come to the right place! The BAMS (Butler Aircraft Modelers Society) is an excellent club to help you get started in this hobby.

If you are already a pilot, you will find The BAMS to be a very diverse group of pilots who are interested in the many different facets of this wonderful hobby. We fly anything from foamies to big balsa planes and everything in between. You will find that with us, there is no more satisfying sense of accomplishment than seeing the creation that you built fly for the first time! All of our members enjoy the hobby and enjoy spending time and sharing their experience and know-how with others that are interested too.

The simple truth of the matter is that you just will not find a friendlier group of fliers anywhere.

If you are new to the sport of radio controlled airplanes, we offer an excellent training program during the warmer months. Because we know how difficult and expensive it can be to try to learn to fly rc airplanes on your own, we do everything we can to teach, support and assist new pilots. We believe that in order to truly enjoy this hobby/sport, you need to learn not only how to fly safely, but to properly build and maintain your aircraft. And you can always count on our members to help out when yo need it.

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